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Tucker Carlson, Tulsi Gabbardscreenshot / YouTube / Fox News

(LifeSiteNews) — Fox News host Tucker Carlson has drawn fire for discussing the existence of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine.

So has former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who appeared on Carlson’s show last week to discuss State Department official Victoria Nuland’s comments that there are “biological research facilities” in Ukraine.

“Their response to this, the fact that they are covering it up, the fact they aren’t doing really what needs to be done … we face a very real certainty that one or more of these labs will be compromised, will be breached,” Gabbard said.

“We could face another global crisis when you look at a pathogen that could be released, we just went through this with COVID,” Gabbard said. “They need to be shut down immediately.”

Those comments drew a charge of treason from former Massachusetts governor and current U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). “Tulsi Gabbard is parroting false Russian propaganda,” Sen. Romney said on March 13. “Her treasonous lies may well cost lives.

“Senator Romney, please provide evidence that what I said is untrue and treasonous,” the former congresswoman said in response on Twitter. “If you cannot, you should do the honorable thing: apologize and resign from the Senate,” she said. “Evidence of the existence of such biolabs, their vulnerability, and thus the need to take immediate action to secure them is beyond dispute.”

She differentiated on the show and in subsequent tweets between biolabs and biological weapons facilities. Gabbard does not currently believe that there are facilities funded by the U.S. in Ukraine that produce biological weapons.

“I’m not convinced there are biological weapons labs or biological weapons in Ukraine—that’s not what I’m concerned about,” she said. “I’m concerned about the existence of the 25+ biological labs in that warzone.”

Labs containing pathogens such as those for Ebola could be attacked by Russia and weaponized. Biological weapons would be mechanisms created for the purposeful dispersal of diseases to kill people. “They generally consist of two parts – a weaponized agent and a delivery mechanism,” the United Nations explains.

While Romney accused Gabbard of committing a federal crime, a Democratic Party operative and Ukrainian-American thinks Carlson committed an international crime.

The Fox News host “needs to be tried at The Hague as a disinformation agent in Putin’s war,” Democratic operative Alexandra Chalupa tweeted on March 14. The Hague is a city in Netherlands where the International Criminal Court is located.

“Carlson is a war criminal aiding and abetting a hostile enemy of the U.S. while thousands of American veterans are risking their lives helping Ukraine defend the free world from Putin,” she alleged.

Chalupa helped Ukrainian officials lobby the Obama-Biden White House for aid and also assisted in the promotion of the false narrative that Russia colluded with President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Carlson responded to the controversies on his show Monday night. He said the the attacks on people discussing these issues is dangerous.

“It’s terrifying, and if we can’t respond to it [the existence of biolabs], because everyone is afraid of being called a tool of a foreign country, people who are trying their very hardest with the greatest level of sincerity to protect the United States, then we have lost the threat,” Carlson said. “Then we can’t lead the world, we can’t lead our own country if people like that are in charge.”