Liberals Turning Parliament Into a “dictatorship”; Senators Stop Debate On Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ After

OTTAWA, ON, July 6, 2005 ( – If there was any doubt left, Canadians have been given yet further evidence that Canada’s Liberal regime has zero respect for democratic procedure. After a mere two hours of debate yesterday the Liberal dominated Canadian Senate invoked closure on the same-sex ‘marriage’ bill, shutting down debate.

By the time closure was invoked only a small handful of Senators had been given the opportunity to speak on what is being called by conservatives the most destructive bill in Canadian history. The same tactic was used less than two weeks ago when the bill went before the House of Commons for final consideration.

“They are obviously under orders to ram this thing through,” said Senator Kinsella, who is making a last ditch effort to include some sort of recognition of the privileged place of ‘traditional’ marriage by presenting an amendment to the bill. With 63 Liberals, and 22 Tories sitting in the Senate there is little expectation that the amendment will be adopted.

“So much for democracy, when after one day, we invoke closure” shouted Conservative Senator Gerry St. Germain. “You’re out to lunch.”

According to the National Post pro-life Senator Anne Cools accused the Liberals of turning Parliament into a “dictatorship.”

With 2nd reading of the bill wrapping up today senate insiders told that, worst case scenario, the bill could pass through the Senate as early as Friday.

In all likelihood the Senate will send the bill to the constitutional and legal affairs committee today, which could be ordered to conduct its hearings and to present its report within a single day. If a motion is introduced at the end of today’s reading, closure could be invoked for the 3rd reading debate of the bill, sending it to final vote as early as this Friday.

Given that the senate has already invoked closure once, it is highly likely it will be invoked again to ram it through senate as quickly as possible.


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