OTTAWA, Ontario, January 5, 2006 ( – Despite the Liberal Party’s claim that the goal of their childcare program is to “meet the needs of all families,” statistics show that only a small minority of parents would actually benefit.

By offering funds to institutional daycares only, the Liberal Childcare Plan effectively ignores three quarters of all Canadian families. Less than 25% of Canadian families use institutional daycare, according to Statistics Canada. For 75% of Canadian parents who do not use daycare services, the Liberal plan has nothing to offer. (Statistics Canada,

The Liberal daycare plan also ignores the 90% of Canadian parents who would prefer to raise their children at home, if possible. Only 10% of all Canadian families list institutional daycare as their first choice in caring for young children. (Vanier Institute study:

ÂA truly universal daycare program in the mould of Medicare would cost an estimated $10 billion per year – ten times the amount allocated by the Liberals. (Childcare Resource and Research Unit at the University of Toronto:

In contrast, the Conservative Party, under Stephen Harper, has pledged to commit $1,200 per child annually for care costs. Although the amount is far below actual costs most parents incur for having someone else care for their children even for a few days per week, the Conservative plan does leave the choice of care up to the parents.

“We will give all parents $100 per month per child under age 6 to spend on child care needs as they choose – whether that means formal day care, a babysitter, neighborhood child care, or helping one parent stay at home,” the Conservative website says.

Harper listed “helping parents with the cost of raising their children” as one of the five top priorities of a new Conservative government.

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