Liberals viciously attacked this GOP official for sharing a LifeSite story. Will you stand with her?

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Wed Jun 20, 2018 - 2:47 pm EST
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Your generous prayerful and financial support for the LifeSite mission is giving those who can most positively change the culture the tools they need to be more successful in their much-needed endeavors.

Recently we saw an example of one cultural influencer, Republican official Vicki Kissack, using our reporting on LGBT issues to reach her wide sphere of influence. She instantly became a target of left-wing attacks simply because her sharing of our article on Facebook was having a significant influence that cultural Marxists could not tolerate.

Her post was met with various comments accusing Kissack of “spewing hatred,” pushing the “Christian version of Sharia Law,” and more. Subsequent posts of hers on unrelated subjects were also spammed with complaints and charges of bigotry, as well as rainbow flags and pictures of men kissing.

Kissick’s sin was nothing more than shining a light into darkness with truth - truth that was recognized as having great power.

Numerous cultural influencers, like Kissack, depend on your support of our mission to challenge the narrative of the progressive, cultural Marxist agenda. A gift of $200, $100, $50, or $35 today will ensure our mission continues!

Countering the prevailing cultural narrative is an increasingly challenging battle every day for those in the trenches. Our daily news reports are crucial to the work of thousands of pro-life and pro-family activists around the world.

Republican official Kissack is one of many courageous life and family leaders under constant attack by the power and influence of the progressive agenda. They depend on the information we provide in order to be successful in their own life-and-family-affirming missions.

Our job is becoming increasingly difficult. It’s more controversial to speak the truth today than when we began twenty years ago. It’s not because we have changed. It’s not because the truth has changed. It’s because the world, and social media censorship, have changed - dramatically!

Our reporting simply cannot continue without the generosity of supporters like you during these quarterly campaigns to keep our unique mission going.

"LifeSiteNews is a crucial resource to the pro-life and pro-family movements, and for ALL people of faith and conscience who are concerned about the direction our culture is heading. LifeSiteNews equips and educates all of us as we engage the culture and strive to advance God's Kingdom here on Earth. My family reads and financially supports LifeSiteNews, and encourage you to do the same!" 
- David Bereit, Founder and former CEO of 40 Days for Life, pro-life strategic advisor and advocate

Would you prayerfully consider a gift of $200, $100, $50, or $35 today to ensure life and family activists have the tools they need to respond effectively to every major attack on life and the family?

Your support makes all the difference! Without it, life and family activists on the ground simply wouldn’t have the information they need to adequately engage in the battle for truth.

Thank you for all you do to for life, and for ensuring that LifeSiteNews will remain the leading source for life and family news across the world. With your help, we will continue to create a culture of Life through the power of the media.

As of this writing we have received $45,000 towards our absolutely minimum needed summer campaign goal of $225,000. $180,604 is still needed in the next nine days just to keep us operating at our current high intensity level.

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