SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 28, 2015 ( — On the evening of January 24, just hours after the culmination of the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco, The Life Legal Defense Foundation held its annual Law of Life Summit. It was a fitting conclusion to a weekend of pro-life events that spanned across the nation, from the March for Life in Washington D.C. on Thursday, January 22, to the Pro-Life Rally in Texas on January 24, to the events in the Bay Area.

The Law of Life Summit was founded in 2011 in conjunction with the March for Life in Washington by Royce Hood, Dana Cody, and Dr. Pat Castle. The purpose of this summit is to give pro-life leaders a chance to gather and discuss creating measurable goals to end abortion. The event was introduced in San Francisco in 2014 and now occurs annually in both locations.

Life Legal Defense was founded in 1989 and it strives to give the innocent and helpless of any age, a defense against the threat of death. Dana Cody, the executive director of Life Legal Defense helped found the Summit in order to show law students the options they have after college. The Summit focuses on joining law and media to help eradicate abortion both from the culture and the law of the land. Cody states that the event is a great way to “get the message of life out into the culture” and plans to continue the Summit until Roe v. Wade has been overturned, and then “we’ll have a Summit to celebrate!”

Pat Castle, the president of the Vitae Foundation, joined the pro-life movement through the National Life Runners Team. Castle is dedicated to helping the leaders of non-profit organizations that are present at the Summit use media to make Roe v. Wade “less relevant, and hopefully one day, irrelevant. Because of the rise of social media, every person in America has the means and is empowered to shift the culture and eliminate abortion.”

Castle sees the pro-life movement as a solid, multi-front force that has all the areas necessary for change covered. He stresses the need to meet culture “right where [it is] and deliver truth.” He sees this being done and knows that the movement just needs more. Every single American is now a media creator due to social media, and now everyone needs to do their part.

Both Castle and Cody see it working. According to Cody, when she started in the pro-life movement, there were 2,500 abortion clinics and less than 700 pregnancy centers in the United States. That number has almost totally flipped, there are now around 800 abortion clinics and more than 2,500 pregnancy centers nationwide.

Most important are the young people. They are the culture makers, the world shapers. The Summit is aimed at that generation, and both Castle and Cody recognize that power that young adults have, especially in terms of social media. The Summit will continue, year after year to get the message of life across and to restore the sanctity of human life in the culture.