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INDEPENDENCE, OHIO, May 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Jennifer Christie is the Executive Director of Love Louder, a no exceptions, pro-life support system for women who have been victims of sexual assault. She spoke to LifeSite’s Vice President Gualberto Garcia-Jones at the Bringing America Back to Life Conference in Cleveland, Ohio last month.

Christie’s ministry provides what she calls a “support system for women who have been traumatized.” Herself being a victim of rape, she realized the worth and value of the life she carried. My “horrible crime story [became] really a love story for our family,” she told LifeSite.

Christie says that Love Louder seeks to provide ministry and therapy on a personal basis. She believes that showing the humanity of the unborn baby is important because “when you're looking at a child…these are human beings and they're not just numbers.” 

One personal anecdote Christie shared with LifeSite was when she saw the ultrasound of her baby for the first time. Before that, she was living in what she said was “complete darkness.” But seeing the “little beating heart” made me come alive again, she said, Click here to visit Love Louder’s website.

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