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The Back Porch in Edmonton, Alberta will serve as a model for a planned pregnancy resource center in Calgary.Facebook

Click HERE to help build the pregnancy option information center.

CALGARY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) — LifeSiteNews launched a fundraiser to support a pro-life organization hoping to support two new pro-life ministries in Calgary.

The Alberta Life Issues Educational Society (ALIES) initiated a LifeFunder campaign to fund the launch of a pro-life hub for networking and a pregnancy option information center in Calgary.

The center “will offer pregnant women (most of whom have abortion appointments booked) information on abortion procedures and risks, as well as information on community resources for pregnant/parenting women, fetal development, and adoption agencies.”

“We refer to community supports,” the petition continues. “We do not refer for abortion.”

The center will be modeled after ALIES’ The Back Porch, which provides information in Edmonton about abortion and offers women other options to deal with unexpected pregnancies.

The Back Porch is located across the street from an Edmonton abortion clinic and offers women seeking abortions a last chance to save their babies.

“Because of The Back Porch ministry, we know of at least 177 babies that have been saved from abortion, along with their mothers,” the petition added. “We hope, with a little grace, that the centre in Calgary will be equally successful!”

Like the Edmonton center, the Calgary pregnancy option information center will be next door to the Kensington abortion clinic.

The purchase of the property for the center will be finalized in 2025 if the funds for the campaign are raised.

ALIES also plans to launch a pro-life hub to provide networking within the prolife movement, charitable operations, and educational programming. They hope to make the service available soon.

“Join us in raising funds to purchase the house we need — together we can change hearts and save lives!” the petition concluded.

Click HERE to help build the pregnancy option information center.