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LifeSite combats the world’s sensationalized, fake news

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This is Day 1 in our 2019, very necessary spring fundraising campaign!

For those who are new to LifeSite, we conduct these campaigns four times per year. They are the overwhelming source of our funding and involve many donations from mostly regular folks. We are not supported by Church organizations or large donors, and advertising accounts for only a tiny part of our revenue.

This is your personal opportunity to ensure that this fearless, independent, and uncompromisingly pro-life and pro-family news service continues to have maximum impact on the culture.

As a reader of LifeSite you are without doubt far more informed than almost everyone who relies solely on mainstream media regarding the most important issues of our time.

Now, we need your help to continue and reach more people with the truth!

Please consider joining our family of supporters with a one-time gift today. As we are on track to have our greatest impact ever this year, we need your support to ensure this record growth to our readership continues.

Can I count on you for a gift of $500, $200, $100, or even $35 today?



You may also be interested in supporting our news on a monthly basis. Doing so would enable you to invest in truth-filled news and counter the lies of fake news coming from mainstream media. Check out our Sustain Life monthly giving program here!

You and millions of people around the globe come to LifeSite for the information you won’t find anywhere else, and as 2019 has already begun to show us, we are going to have to fight even harder to rise above the mainstream media’s fake news reporting on our issues.

Let me ask you, has the mainstream media told you that in just a few short weeks David Daleiden will be in court hearings in San Francisco with Planned Parenthood, who has sued him for his undercover videos put out by the Center for Medical Progress? These court hearings will represent the first time Planned Parenthood higher-ups have testified under oath about the video coverage that David Daleiden recorded.

LifeSite will be there, in the courtroom, to bring you live updates as the trial proceeds. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s because mainstream media (in cahoots with the largest abortion provider in the nation) doesn’t want you to hear about it.

Or, has the mainstream media told you that overwhelmingly the majority of Americans oppose late-term abortion, which is protected and encouraged by the New York law signed into law in January?

Again, if you haven’t heard of this, it’s because mainstream media wants you to believe that abortion, though no longer safe, legal, or rare, is still the greatest form of empowerment that a free society can offer women (which is also the greatest lie!).

And what about the response to these developments? Has mainstream media told you that faithful people like you are concerned and doing something about it? Of course not!

But in January LifeSiteNews delivered over 21,000 petitions to the Bishop of Covington urging exoneration of the Covington Catholic boys who found themselves in the eye of a media firestorm. Then a week later, we delivered over 137,000 petitions to the New York State Capitol after the brutal and devastating New York law signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Mainstream media probably didn’t tell you about these impactful stories, but it’s important to us that you know. If you, like millions of others, are coming to LifeSite for the truth, I’d ask that you consider a gift of support today to ensure our voice is never silenced!

Would you consider making your impact go even further by becoming a monthly donor to our new Sustain Life program? Becoming a monthly giver, or Sustainer, enables you to make a lasting impact on the work that we do at LifeSite. By contributing on a monthly basis, you invest in our pro-life reporting and ensure that we are able to be at the forefront of breakthroughs in the pro-life movement.

I hope that you will consider investing in the news that LifeSiteNews reports on truthfully. By supporting our pro-life and pro-family news, you’ll gain the peace of mind knowing that your support directly impacts the news you need to hear told in the way news should be reported!

Thanks to generous supporters, we are off to a great start! In February alone, we shattered our previous monthly traffic record with 9 million page views. Our previous records were from October 2018 and January 2019 with 7.6 million and 8.5 million page views, respectively.

Wow! Because of the generosity of our giving family, more readers like you are reading and sharing our news than ever before in our history!  

You see, we simply must reach our minimum fundraising goals each quarter to cover the costs associated with running this growing life and family news agency of over 30 full- and part-time employees. We must raise $275,000 by March 29th for our 28 full-time and 7 part-time staff to sustain this exponential growth and to reach millions of readers across the world, as we counter the agenda of mainstream media.  

Please consider a gift of $35, $100, or even $500 or more today. Every amount helps bring us closer to our goal.

We cannot utilize our unique mission in the media to transform our culture without you. Thank you in advance for your prayerful and financial support of our mission.

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