LifeSite is asking for any tips, videos of Capitol protests

In order to obtain all the facts about what really happened at the Capital and to deliver the news as truthfully as possible, LifeSite is asking people for help.
Fri Jan 8, 2021 - 4:16 pm EST

January 8, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — This past Wednesday, January 6, was an historic and eventful day in America’s capital. Trump supporters marched in droves in Washington, D.C. to protest voter fraud, as the electoral college votes were being counted by Congress. 

In the early afternoon, the protests turned chaotic at the Capitol. The grounds and the building itself were said to have been “breached,” with some individuals engaging in violence with police, damaging property and even entering the House chamber and elected officials’ offices. This caused the Congress and several surrounding buildings to be placed under lockdown. 

Since these events, there has been great confusion and debate on how the incidents began and who exactly began them. Videos show some Capital police clearly opening gates and doors and welcoming protesters in, whereas others show doors and windows being broken into.

The overwhelming percentage
of Trump protesters remained peaceful throughout the day. LifeSite has heard from many who were bewildered and dismayed after hearing about the events that occurred inside and immediately around the Capital.

There has been widespread speculation and conflicting reports from various media sites, but especially a one-sided, general  condemnation and narrative by the mainstream media and social media conglomerates.   

The events this week in Washington have also led to a massive jump in Big Tech censorship of conservative voices, who have been immediately deemed to have “incited” the siege.” 

In order to obtain all the facts and to deliver the news as truthfully as possible, LifeSite is asking anyone who was at the Trump rally on Wednesday to send us their videos, images, and any other useful information about the event that would be worth reporting.

You can send the information to [email protected].

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