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Wed Apr 1, 2020 - 3:25 pm EST
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We are facing a growing assault on all that is good and true in our world, and we need passionate, faith-filled men and women to come and join the fight to restore the Christian foundations of our society.

LifeSiteNews is an international news agency devoted to defending life and the family, and restoring Christian culture. Through daily breaking news, investigative exposés, and incisive analysis, as well as our growing video and podcast offerings, we aim to educate and activate our readers with the information they need to fight the most crucial battles of our day in their churches, workplaces, and families.

Right now, we are hiring a U.S.-based part-time Human Resources and Payroll Assistant to work closely with our Administrative Director to ensure that we are compliant with all necessary U.S. federal and state laws. Our office is in Virginia, but the position is open to tele-commuters.

As our mission and international readership has grown immensely in the last year, our staff needs have grown too. This position will be crucial in helping the organization run efficiently.

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