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LifeSite is hiring! - Vatican correspondent, major gift officer


LifeSiteNews is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

1) Major Gift Officer

2) Vatican Correspondent


Major Gift Officer

Purpose of position: To secure funds for the world's leading pro-life and pro-family news agency by managing a group of assigned donors (caseload), ensuring that as many as possible are retained as continuing donors and are upgraded in their giving and involvement.

Hours: This is a full time position and all MGO's are expected to travel on a monthly basis.

Position Reports To: Vice President of Advancement

Ongoing responsibilities:

  • Qualify a group of caseload donors.
  • Create individual goals for each person on his or her caseload based on the donor's history of giving and the organization's knowledge of that donor's potential.
  • Create a plan for each donor that will serve as a foundational communication and marketing plan for each person on the caseload. 4) Will faithfully and, in a timely manner, execute that plan so that individuals on the caseload are retained and upgraded.
  • Work with the program and the communications departments to secure appropriate project information, including budgets, and create offers, proposals and asks that will be used with persons on the caseload to secure gifts.
  • Create monthly reports as required by management that accurately reflect caseload activity and performance
  • Perform other major donor activities as may be required.


Successful candidates will have the ability to:

  • qualify caseload donors who represent the highest giving potential for the organization
  • create reasonable financial goals for each donor which are based on their giving and their potential
  • create a personal contact and ask plan that takes into account the individual donor's interest, motivations, giving patterns and ask preferences, and retain and upgrade them
  • secure project and organization information and create and write effective offers, proposals and asks
  • secure information that can be sent back to donors to report on how their money was used
  • create timely reports that reflect caseload and MGO performance
  • manage people, process, deadlines and budget while adhering to the policies and procedures of the organization
  • get along with peers, subordinates and management, and maintain a positive and constructive attitude while solving problems


The characteristics of an ideal candidate for the LifeSiteNews MGO position include:

  • A passion for the pro-life/pro-family cause, and the mission and operating principles of LifeSiteNews.com
  • Proven success and excellence in fundraising/sales (for profit or non-profit)
  • Excellent people skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Broad and strong working knowledge of technology (Salesforce, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
  • Highly self-motivated, organized, and scheduled
  • Team player

SALARY: Salary is negotiable based upon need and experience. Keep in mind that LifeSiteNews is a mission-based non-profit, although we always seek to meet our employees' legitimate financial needs.​

To apply for the Major Gift Officer position, click here.

Vatican Correspondent

LifeSiteNews is looking for an experienced, highly motivated journalist who will be based in Rome to cover primarily Catholic news focused on life and family issues.

A successful candidate will have:

  • a B.A. and at least two years experience in journalism or a closely related field
  • a commitement to the highest standards of journalism - above all, a commitment to absolute accuracy and fairness
  • first-rate research (especially online research) and writing skills
  • comfortability interviewing and networking with a wide range of public personalities, including pro-life and pro-family leaders and Vatican officials, bishops and cardinals
  • oral and written fluency in both English and Italian (other European languages, such as German, French, or Spanish are a plus)
  • extreme attention to detail and accuracy
  • an extensive knowledge of Catholic doctrine, tradition, history, and discipline
  • an extensive knowledge of the global pro-life and pro-family movements
  • a personal passion for promoting the Catholic faith, especially its pro-life and pro-family beliefs
  • an interest and familiarity with internal Catholic Church structures and how they impact the faith
  • high levels of self-motivation, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment with regular rolling deadlines
  • at least a basic familiarity with photography and videography and willingness to learn
  • openness to engaging in occasional public speaking events a plus
  • facility with Microsoft Office, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Skype
  • willingness to work hours as needed, including nights and weekends

Salary is negotiable based upon need and experience. Keep in mind that LifeSiteNews is a mission-based non-profit, although we always seek to meet our employees' legitimate financial needs. Candidates must already live in, or be willing to relocate to Rome.

We will contact successful applicants for an interview. Prior to a hiring decision, applicants will be required to take on several short assignments at a freelance rate. New journalists and editors are required to fly to Canada for a week of training in the first few weeks on the job, so for non-Canadians an up-to-date passport is essential.

To apply for the Vatican correspondent position, click here. Please include writing samples on the same document file as your resume or cover letter. We are particularly interested in writing samples that include original investigative news reporting, although other forms are also welcome.

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