LifeSite launches new homepage: unveils ‘Standard’ and ‘Catholic’ editions

Readers now have the choice between two editions of the home page: Standard and Catholic.
Mon Oct 9, 2017 - 10:28 pm EST
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Note: Launching the new home page is a process. Some sections of the new home page may not work 100% for the first few hours as our developers roll out the new changes. 

Today, LifeSite is proud to launch our completely redesigned homepage. The new homepage is the result of many months of design and programming work, and years of planning, taking into account thoughtful feedback from many of our most loyal readers.

1) The first big change that readers will notice is that the new page includes more stories - as in, a lot more stories. This was in response to consistent feedback we have received over the past several years from readers who felt that our previous homepage was too sparse, and who wanted a place where they could conveniently browse several days' worth of stories.

In addition to the "top news" and "editor's picks" sections, which we previously had on our homepage, we have added extensive new sections with regional news, more opinion pieces, more blogs, more culture of life stories, and much more. All of the articles also have clear "time stamps," so readers can figure out at a glance when any particular story was published.

2) The second big change is the creation of two separate editions of our home page: the "Standard" edition and the "Catholic" edition.

Those readers who are primarily interested in LifeSite's general pro-life and pro-family reporting can now choose to stay on the Standard Edition. While the Standard Edition does include some Church-related reporting, those stories are largely relegated to a designated section on the homepage, and there will be far fewer of them than on the Catholic Edition.

On the other hand, readers who are interested in LifeSite's reporting on the Catholic Church, in addition to our general pro-life and pro-family reporting, can select the Catholic Edition. Once you have done so, our site will remember your preference (provided you have cookies enabled). 

To select the "Catholic Edition" of the home page, simply click the tab at the top of the new home page. You can change your preference at any time.

While LifeSite is not a Catholic news agency, we have long understood the importance that the Catholic Church plays in defending life and family, and have gained a reputation for reliable and 100% faithful reporting on some of the most crucial news related to the Catholic Church, especially as it relates to the battle for life and family. The Catholic Edition of our homepage will allow readers who are interested to get all of that news in one convenient location.

Note: First-time visitors to the new homepage will automatically be sent to the "Standard Edition." To choose the "Catholic Edition" either click on the "Catholic Edition" tab on top of the home page, or, on desktop computers, the "View Catholic Edition" link at the bottom of the "Catholic News" section on the right-hand side of the Standard Edition homepage. Again, once you have chosen that option, our site will remember your preference (if you have cookies enabled on your browser).

On top of these two major changes, you will find a wide variety of other smaller changes on the new homepage, such as the addition of sections devoted to "LifePetitions" and "LifeFacts." We especially urge you to check out our LifeFacts – an in-progress section of our website that includes all sorts of useful information related to the pro-life cause, such as "fetal development," "abortion methods," pro-life apologetics, and more!

Finally, like any other big change, there are bound to be some bugs with this one. We ask you to be patient with any technological hiccups that occur. And if you do run into any issues, please e-mail us at [email protected] to let us know! We'd also love to receive your feedback about the new design, although we would ask that you spend a couple days exploring and getting used to the new design before sending us your thoughts.

Thank you to our supporters. Without your faithful support, we could not continue to improve LifeSiteNews, and to reach the tens of millions of people that we do every year with the truth about life, family, faith, and freedom.

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