Schwarzenegger Announces Calif. Governor Bid Contrary to recent media speculation, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced during a taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that he will run for the Republican nomination for the upcoming election to replace recalled Democrat governor Gray Davis.  Inspring Story of Young Military Mother Who Delayed Cancer Surgery Until Birth of Her Baby   First Embryo Screening Birth in U.K.  British woman has given birth to a child which was screened as an embryo to make sure it was healthy – even though there was no family history of genetic disorders.   South Korea Refuses Entry to Raelian/Clonaid Founder   Kopp Wants Michael Battle Barred from His Federal Prosecution   Media corporations take advantage of teen struggles   The ACLU is helping libraries skirt the Children’s Internet Protection Act   Vatican Statement Against Homosexual Unions Encourages Pro-Family Advocates   Catholic Lawmaker Sees ‘Bigotry’ in Vatican Doctrine