Ian Hunter, a law professor at the University of Western Ontario and a regular contributer to the National Post, reflected yesterday on the refusal of the abortion controversy to die in both Canada and the United States. “In the early days the debate was about the humanity of the foetus; now … that debate has been conclusively resolved, and the fundamental question remaining is what basic legal protections accrue to all members of the human family,” he notes. “This question is not susceptible of answer by reason alone, but only reason supplemented by faith.” Find the article here

In a special report on the American presidential candidates, Zenit, a Catholic news service out of Rome, looked at the nominees’ positions on issues such as abortion, homosexuality and education. Introducing its report,  Zenit noted that “this election is especially important,  as it is probable that the next president will appoint three Supreme Court justices,  establishing the balance of power in that body for some time.”  Arizona Senator John McCain has raised questions about the strength of his pro-life views and, in doing so, has given many grassroots pro-lifers a smaller field of presidential candidates to choose from, as a result of a comment made earlier this week. Conservative News Service