A panel of Australian medical experts has called for an end to partial-birth abortions or “cranial abortions” as they referred to them. The panel described the practice as “horrendously cruel and painful.”  (  

WorldNetDaily reports today that a New York Post survey of nearly 20,000 readers ranks Bill Clinton second to Adolf Hitler as the most evil person of the millennium. What makes the president’s appearance on the survey more astonishing is respondents had to write his name in,  while Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Dr. Josef Mengele and others were listed on the survey. 

England’s Court of Appeal decided yesterday that judges cannot be disqualified from hearing cases because they are Freemasons, homosexual, belong to a sports club or have made remarks in speeches or out of court. (News UK)

The BBC reports today that a United Nations plan to call for a halt to the death penalty worldwide has been cancelled.