In an article entitled “Seeking your truths about abortion” Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur is asking readers to submit their “truths” about abortion “for another column.” Submit to: [email protected]  

BBC news reports that on Tuesday Britain launched a public consultation asking its citizens to help decide whether the government should allow genetic screening of embryos prior to implantation in invitro fertilization, and then for any embryos found to be imperfect to be killed.   

The US Supreme Court let a lower court ruling stand which stated that a lesbian had become a “de facto” parent of her partner’s child and thus was owed visitation rights. The decision is of great concern since legitimate parents who abandon homosexual lifestyles could be forced to give their former homosexual partners access to their children. (Sun Sentinel)  

Notorious British homosexualist activist Peter Tatchell of the militant gay rights group Outrage! was charged in an attack on Zimbabwe’s president Tuesday. Tatchell says he was trying to make a citizen’s arrest on the visiting dignitary. 

Father Tom Connolly, spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland repudiated an experimental sex education programme underway in Scotland wherein 7000 pupils are being taught how to put on condoms. (Yahoo)