The National Post reports today that a school district in northern British Columbia has lifted the suspensions it imposed last week on Grade 7 students whose parents refused to let them take part in a mandatory ‘‘cultural awareness’’ course designed to teach them respect for their local native Indian tribe.   

Church news reported that Cardinal John O’Connor, writing in the Archdiocesan weekly “Catholic New York”, denounced the indifference of a large number of American citizens towards the loss of respect for life. “How can it be,” wrote the Cardinal “that grown men and women,  highly educated [.] can put millions and millions of unborn babies to death, not because they’re not real, but because they have not yet left their mothers’ womb?” (EWTN) 

A reproduction of the photo Matt Drudge was not allowed to show on Fox News is on the net. The tiny hand of a pre-born child reaches out from a mother’s womb to clasp a surgeon’s healing finger.  (