Writing in the current American Journal of Public Health, self-proclaimed “pro-choicer”  Adrienne Asch, of the Boston-based Hastings Center Project on Prenatal Testing for Genetic Disability, says “If public health espouses goals of social justice and equality for people with disabilities—as it has worked to improve the status of women, gays and lesbians and members of racial and ethnic minorities—it should reconsider whether it wishes to continue the technology of prenatal diagnosis. (Globe and Mail)

As the Canadian government prepares to extend most rights for married couples to practicing homosexuals, the government’s likely candidate for a phrase distinguishing those within these sex relationships will be: “A person living in a relationship of some permanence with emotional, economic and sexual aspects.”  (Ottawa Citizen)  

Lawyer Ian Hunter has aptly described the issues surrounding the arrest of pro-life reporters and the bubble zone restrictions around abortuaries that gave rise to it. Pro-Life E-News Canada distributed the story from the National Post.   

Warren Beatty is objecting to being called “pro-life” by Matt Drudge. Pro-Life InfoNet distributed a MSNBC story indicating that Beatty says that contrary to what Drudge alleges,  he never said he was pro-life and is in fact “pro-choice.”  A University of Richmond study says motherhood may improve memory and learning skills.  (CBC)