A survey of 1,400 British boys aged 13 to 19 found that teenage boys without a strong father figure are more likely to suffer from depression, display antisocial behaviour and do badly at school. (The Times) 

A vaccine initially given approval for use on all infants in the US was known to cause a painful bowel disorder in a substantial number of recipients but the records of the harmful effects were concealed from the public. The federal health advisory panel which initially approved the vaccine is known to have a significant number of it

The American Family Association reported this week that Flambeau Corporation, parent company of Duncan Toy Company, uses for it’s newest sales pitch … ‘The Finger.’ Recently Duncan began airing a television commercial that bounces from one rebellious personality to the next, each floating the crude gesture of social disrespect into the camera in slow motion.  After 17 “one finger salutes”, the announcer tags the 30-second spot, “Give us the finger,  we’ll give you the power.” Email Flambeau at: [email protected]  

US pro-lifer Kevin Given has launched a letter writing campaign to see abortion survivor Gianna Jessen share her story at the next Republican National Convention. For complete details, see his webpage: 

The Telegraph reports today that a social service agency in Britain has decided that a two year old foster child is to be taken from his life-long home and given into the custody of two homosexual men. Lewisham social services decided that because the boy has to share a bedroom with a much older boy, the “traditional” family home – mother, father and other children – is no longer suitable.