The Ottawa Citizen reported today that a practicing homosexual couple in Canada is in federal court today seeking recognition of their “marriage”. Ross Boutilier, one of the pair, applied for “marriage leave” from his government job which would have given him a week of paid leave to have his homosexual “marriage”. The case is likely to head to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.    

France’s Constitutional Council on Tuesday approved a law granting extensive legal rights to unmarried couples, including homosexuals thus removing all barriers to the law passed by the National Assembly in October. (InfoBeat)

Pro-life E-News Canada sent around a report yesterday indicating that abortionist Joseph Booker Jr. was sentenced to five months in prison, five months of house arrest, and ordered to pay a $3,000 fine as well as $45,000 back taxes for filing a false income tax return, which was out by nearly $100,000.   

The Catholic News Service reported that following the news of the possible erection of the first abortion mill in Eerie PA, religious leaders gathered Nov. 2 to stand against it. “The Catholic Diocese of Erie will actively and vigorously oppose any abortion clinic,”  said Bishop Donald W. Trautman at a news conference. 

Canada is again demanding that the United States pay its so-called “debt” to the abortion pushing world body. This latest call comes from the Canadian ambassador to the UN.  (Toronto Star) 

In October, Charles Colson terminated his partnership with when he discovered that the Internet book distributor was selling pro-pedophile material such as a book called Varieties of Man/Boy Love. Some of his listeners, on their own initiative pursued the matter,  even sending the information to Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who also made it public. Celebrating the success of this grassroots activity, Colson now reports that has ceased distributing Varieties of Man/Boy Love.