Parents of students in a British class have been asked to be supportive of Terry Craggs, 52,who is married, and will dress as a woman for a year before undergoing a sex-change operation. He wishes to be known as Miss Terri Craggs from next year.  (The Times)

Pro-Life E-News Canada sent around a report that the Pro-Life Action League headed up by Joe Scheidler picketed Christ Hospital Saturday. The 120-strong picket came in response to the revelations that infanticidal “induced abortions” were taking place at the hospital, which left live-born babies to die without treatment, food or water.  (The SouthtownStar)

Christianweek reported on the arrest of the pro-life journalists reporting on the arrest of pro-lifer Linda Gibbons outside the Scott abortuary. Report magazine (formerly Alberta/Western and BC Report) also made this the cover story for its second national edition. The 80,000 circulation Toronto Free Press also gave the story large front cover prominence. 

Following in the footsteps of the Netherlands, Australia has legalized brothels. (