Both Focus on the Family Canada and Catholic Insight have published condemnations of the upcoming Nov. 19 “Child Rights Vote” to be held in schools across Canada. Focus charges that it is an exercise in social engineering.    

Zenit News reported last week that prostitution and brothels have been legalized in Holland making it legal to run a brothel anywhere in the country, subject to local zoning ordinances.  The new legislation, which will begin to be enforced in the summer of 2000, will oblige “sex workers” to obey labour legislation; will give access to social security and impose fiscal obligation as in any other profession.  

Last month the Executive Committee of the Seventh Day Adventist Church voted to approve a “Statement on Homosexuality”“The Bible makes no accommodation for homosexual activity or relationships. Sexual acts outside the circle of a heterosexual marriage are forbidden,” the statement reads.   

The National Post reported Saturday that the draft version of the new United Church of Canada book of service refers to “Mother and Father God,” changes “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” into “Creator, Liberator and Healer,” and suggests a good alternative to “husband and wife” is “life partners.” Rev. Don Faris says, “the ideologies of radical feminism and the gay/lesbian/ bisexual agenda.” 

Pro-Life Info-Net reports today that the newly consecrated and appointed bishop of Springfield, IL.vowed that he will seek to “raise the consciousness of the dignity of every human person, the dignity of human life.” Lucas once wrote on partial-birth abortion saying:  “Can we pretend that killing a child who is being born will not also do violence to the very humanity of the mother and father? Of the doctor and his staff? Of all of us in Missouri?”