LifeSite has received a tip that Canadian Defense Minister Art Eggleton will resign from his post to run for a provincial seat in his riding as a Liberal candidate with a view to taking over leadership of the provincial Liberal party from current leader Dalton McGuinty. 

The current York Centre MPP, Monte Kwinter is expected to resign his seat to make way for Eggleton. 

Pro-Life E-News reported this week that there are two excellent pro-life publications are now on-line: Celebrate Life and Human Life Review.

Last week pro-life US Senator Bob Smith (NH) took to the floor of the U.S. Senate to expose a segment of the abortion industry that illegally harvests the body parts of aborted children and sells them. 

A marketing firm in England reported that a survey of doctors revealed that 64% of UK GP’s were in favour of euthanasia in certain – unspecified –  situations, 45% said they had discussed the issue with colleagues and 66% supported further investigation into legalised euthanasia.