The National Post reports today that Canadian General Romeo Dallaire will be questioned next week about his part in the failure of the United Nations to prevent genocide in Rwanda in 1994. After multiple reports of UN complicity in the Rwandan massacre the UN has instituted a supposedly independent investigation into the scandal.    

Susan Benoff, a researcher from New York University, is complaining of lack of funding for experiments using a blood pressure drug as a male “pill”.  (National Post)  

The Catholic League reported yesterday that the new film “Julien Donkey-Boy” attacks the Christian faith with scenes of nuns and a man wearing a portrait of Jesus engaged in sexual acts. 

Genetic testing both in and out of the womb is causing great controversy in Britain as people fear insurance companies will refuse to offer coverage for those who may have a genetic predisposition to disease. A survey summarizes attitudes on the use of abortion following genetic testing.    

The National Post reports that TV actress Cybill Shepherd is considering running for US President. She declares that, unlike Al Gore who is pro-choice, she is “pro-abortion.”   

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland is gearing up to fight a Maine physician assisted suicide proposal. A spokesman noted that the diocese would fight the proposal “very aggressively.” (