The BC Supreme Court decision legalizing possession of child pornography, which has caused legal ramifications throughout Canada, will remain in effect until at least next year. The Canadian Press reports today that the matter won’t be heard by the Supreme Court until January. 

Parents are urged to beware of two new Fox Television offerings described as full of raunchy sex and sexual talk.  (US News)  

Over 250 demonstrators- 60 in wheelchairs – protested the first day of classes of pro-  infanticide Princeton University professor Peter Singer.  (News Day)  

The Conservative News Service reported today that fast food giant McDonald’s, “has yielded to pressure from influential homosexual rights’ organizations and added “sexual orientation” to the chain’s non-discrimination and sexual harassment policy.” The company will teach employees to relate to homosexuals as members of a minority ethnic group.

British news reports today that the head of German Catholic Bishops conference announced Tuesday that the Church in Germany would follow the pope’s direction in ending the controversy around abortion counselling by refusing to hand out certificates for counselling.  (Yahoo News)