Father Richard Welch, President of Human Life International, has condemned the Puerto Rico State Senate legislative bill 1936 that gives minors access to State reproductive health services, including the distribution of contraceptives without parental consent. He also rejected the sex education program that is administered by the State Education Department in Puerto Rico.  (EWTN News)

US Presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan has suffered the loss of his communications director.  Bob Adams left Buchanan’s campaign upset over the staunch pro-lifer’s serious consideration of leaving the Republican Party.  (Fox News)

An unborn baby underwent in-utero surgery to clear its windpipe and was born in hospital able to breathe. This was the first such operation in the UK. 

The reigning Miss America has condemned the organization’s decision to allow contestants who have had an abortion or divorced.  (Newsday)

Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has encouraged Donald Trump to run for the Reform Party presidential nomination to ward off the pro-life Pat Buchanan.  (Las Vegas Sun)