Jean-Bush, an 81-year-old from Toronto, who stabbed her husband to death and attempted to kill herself 5-years ago in a reported “mercy killing”, was found dead in her home last night. Police suspect suicide.  (The Toronto Star)

US Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, a favourite of pro-lifers, has admitted to “strongly”  considering a switch in allegiances to the Reform Party in his bid for president.  (Washington Times)

The Clinton administration has once again overlooked China’s forced abortion regime in promising to support its entrance into the World Trade Organization, likely to be complete by the end of this year.  (The Times)

Doctors for Life, an organization representing 600 South African doctors and specialists, on Sunday slammed proposed legislation allowing doctors to legally end the life of terminally ill patients as “inadequate”, “dangerous” and open to misinterpretation and abuse.  (