Toronto pro-life activist Tom Brown died of sudden heart failure on Tuesday August 31, 1999.  The wake this Friday and funeral Saturday are sure to be well attended by pro-lifers. For more information contact Campaign Life Coalition at (416) 368-8479.

A new pro-life resource from an Evangelical perspective is out by Canadian Denise Mountenay.  “FORGIVEN of murder…A true story” is available from Chapters at for only $11.97. A portion of the sale of each book goes to Abortion Recovery Canada.

Advance Notice: “Save the Planet’s People First” a Canadian national pro-life conference will take place in Toronto, Nov. 25-27. Sponsored by Alliance for Life (Ontario) and Campaign Life Coalition Canada. Speakers include Alberta Report publisher Link Byfield, the father of Rescue – John Cavanaugh O’Keefe and many more. 

The Telegraph reports today that Ireland plans a third referendum on abortion.

The National Post is reporting today that 97 Ontario municipalities have requested the return of the Lord’s prayer to public schools.