Zenit News reported today that a Swiss group called “Swiss Aid for Mother and Child” has launched a court appeal to fight the authorization of RU-486 in the country by the Inter-Cantonal Office for Control of Medicines.  In Canada, where the most common sentence for pedophilia is less than two years in jail,  animal abusers will face penalties of up to five years in prison. Legislation to implement this agenda is expected this fall. It will likely also remove the current $2,000 ceiling on fines. 

Retired lieutenant colonel Dave Grossman, a psychologist who spent 25 years training soldiers to kill, warned Canadian police chiefs Tuesday that violent video games are “providing military quality training (to kill) at a young age. Children see human death and suffering and learn to associate it with pleasure.”  (

In anticipation of the upcoming presidential election in Uruguay in October, the Uruguayan Catholic Bishops have issued a document detailing guidelines for voting which note that politicians must promote “a culture of human life, protecting it in all of its stages”. (EWTN News)