The journal Atlantic Monthly contains a report on demographics this month called “The Population Surprise”. The article warns about the world’s fast approaching depopulation disaster, noting that “fifty years from now the world’s population will be declining, with no end in sight.”

Beginning Sunday the comic strip Dick Tracy will feature the cartoon detective in the search for the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted fugitives. Among the ten will be James Kopp who is being sought by police in connection with the death of abortionist Barnett Slepian. 

Yesterday Pro-Life E-News Canada distributed a Jewish World Review article by Dr. Laura Schlessinger which noted that a Wirthlin Worldwide survey found that 66 percent of Wisconsin adults believe abortion should not be legal except in those extreme circumstances of rape or incest or the threat of maternal death. 

The Age newspaper in Australia reports today that vaginal intercourse is virtually risk free compared to anal intercourse in terms of the transmission of HIV. It notes, in this respect,  that HIV is still rarely found outside of homosexuals and drug users.

Interim editor David Curtain appeared in Tuesday’s National Post comparing the logic of the abortion-as-a-crime-reducer argument to preventative capital punishment.