* “The Children’s Society, a leading children’s charity affiliated with the Church of England, has changed its rules to allow gay people to adopt or foster children,” writes the Maranatha Christian Journal, in a report based on an Associated Press newswire story. “While the decision has attracted controversy, the Church of England will continue to support the charity, AP reports.”

* Popular Christian and pro-life talk show host, Michael Coren, is leaving the Toronto radio station CFRB, which helped launch him to the level of success he experiences today. According to Gary Dunford of the Toronto Sun, the departure was the result of a changing schedule at CFRB which made it impossible to continue there as well as host his Crossroads TV talk show. In leaving CFRB, however, Mr. Coren has picked up the wake-up slot 6-9 am at TALK640.

* International Criminal Court supporters, led by Canada, continue to push for the abolition of the priest-penitent privilege, the right to confidentiality related to the practise of priests hearing the confessions of Catholics, reports Conservative News Service today.  Remarkably, however, in the face of this move, ICC supporters want protection of the right to secrecy for Red Cross officials, adds CNS, leaving the ICC open to charges of anti-religious bigotry.

* South Africa is facing perhaps the worst AIDS crisis of any country in the world today,  according to a special report last week in the National Post. “About 400 AIDS victims are buried every day and another 1,600 people are infected with HIV.”“Though the first stages of the AIDS epidemic hit Africa almost two decades ago, South Africa’s reaction has been so ineffective, some AIDS activists seriously suggest the cash-strapped government views it as a means of population control,” NP reported.