* Focus on the Family head, James Dobson, who raised a furor a couple of years ago for threatening to ditch the Republican Party over its equivocation regarding moral issues, “is daring to discipline the Republican presidential frontrunner on the abortion issue,” writes WORLD magazine this week. Dr. Dobson told Colorado’s Rocky Mountain News that “George Bush is going to need to tell us what he really believes.” Dr. Dobson is particularly concerned about Mr. Bush’s refusal to outline a pro-life “litmus test” for judicial nominees. 

* Argentina has received much praise for establishing an official Day of the Unborn,  especially during the recent 3rd Meeting of America’s Politicians and Legislators, which took place in Buenos Aires from August 3-5. Now, Costa Rica’s First Lady has announced that her country will also celebrate the Day of the Unborn, reports Zenit news. Costa Rica will celebrate it on July 27, said Lorena Clara de Rodriguez Echavarria, wife of the Costa Rican President. According to Zenit, Guatemala also appears to be moving in the direction of declaring a Day of the Unborn.

* The Free Congress Foundation has recently released a report on the dangerous effects of popular music and is urging parents not to accept the notion that such music is harmless and a passing trend that they should tolerate. The 18-page report, entitled “There Is a Virus Loose Within Our Culture: An Honest Look at Music’s Impact,” has been endorsed by evangelical, Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish leaders and 17 elected officials.