* A Californian woman is facing a 25-years-to-life prison term if found guilty of killing her baby, reported the Sacramento Bee last week. Kanika Shavon Wells claimed, in court, that the baby she gave birth to “wasn’t moving. She was pale. She was just lying there.” The baby was found stuffed in plastic bags, with wads of tissue down its throat in a bathroom cabinet in the home of the defendant’s parents. The state is arguing that the baby suffocated from the tissue paper, and is looking for a conviction on first-degree murder.

* “The House of Representatives has voted down an amendment banning homosexual adoption in the District of Columbia,” reported Conservative News Service (CNS), last Friday. “Rep. Steve Largent (R-OK) introduced the amendment to the DC Appropriations bill prohibiting joint adoptions by any two people who aren’t related by blood or marriage.” The amendment was defeated by a vote of 213 – 215.

* A Newfoundland teacher found guilty of assault has had the conviction overturned on appeal,  the National Post reported yesterday. She had slapped an incorrigible girl on the leg in February last year and was subsequently charged when the girl’s mother, failing to receive an apology from the teacher, reported the incident. Justice Robert Hall of the Newfoundland Supreme Court said that the teacher’s actions were reasonable under the circumstances,  explaining that “[The girl] was being unruly … and lashing out in a fit of juvenile temper.  Obviously such behaviour had to be corrected.” 

* Show the Truth begins its first Atlantic Canada tour earlier this week in New Brunswick.  Its first Nova Scotia event takes place in Halifax today at 4:30. The provocative pro-life campaign which uses large than life posters of aborted babies to emphasize the reality of abortion, has attracted the support of a variety of people in NS, especially Catholics and Pentecostals, reports Campaign Life Coalition-Nova Scotia head, Herm Wills.  Demonstrations continue in NS until August 9.