Bourque Newswatch reports “PC Leader Peter MacKay… will back a leadership bid by NB Premier Bernard Lord… it is understood that a number of Canadian Alliance personalities are also supportive of a Lord leadership bid, including Hal Danchilla and Rod Love, both formerly associated with Stockwell Day’s Canadian Alliance leadership, along with MPs Jason Kenney and Art Hanger, of all people”  Gay couples win retroactive Canada Pension Plan benefits  After 3 Years in Prison Latimer Still Unrepentant over Killing Disabled Daughter “I know her death was the right thing to do.”

Former NDP leader Ed Broadbent, 67, Will Run in Next Federal Election

British PM’s Wife Tells Pope to Make Roman Curia 50% Women

Winged Migration – A Wonderful Film for All Ages   Christians Fighting to Reclaim Christmas From Secular and Commercial Influences   RealNetworks sued Microsoft on antitrust charges, accusing the software giant of illegally using its Windows monopoly to limit consumer choice in digital media   California school district bans YMCA promotional flyers