French House Passes Ban on All Human Cloning – Awaits Senate Passage   France Likely to Ban Crucifixes, Jewish Caps and Muslim Headscarves from Schools   Outgoing PM Chretien puts spokesman in Canadian Senate In the final hours of his last term as Prime Minister, Jean Chretien appointed Jim Munson to the Senate, just 16 months after hiring the former CTV journalist as his communications director.   Nashville Hobnobs View The Passion of Christ with Rave Reviews:  “…the room was filled with an array of the biggest names in entertainment from the Nashville community. Producers, songwriters, artists—most from the Country music world…less then ten minutes into the movie—you could hear literal sobs across the room. As the story unfolded and the brutality of what we were watching set in—people were moaning—I will never forget it. When the movie was over—no one moved. It was as if the room could not take a breath. There were no words – silence.”