Christian Law Firm Wants to Stop Secularist ‘Grinches’ from Stealing Christmas   Poll Shows Support For Martin’s Liberals Slips Canada’s political landscape is changing, and the allegiances of Canadian voters are shifting to keep pace. A new survey says the Liberals still boast the most supporters, with the NDP outpacing the Tories and Alliance for second place.  Liberals say Martin wants to end same-sex marriage controversy   America’s Holocaust – Hard hitting Article by Prominent U.S. Social Conservative Anne Coulter in Friday National Post “Everyone knew the decision in Roe v. Wade was a joke… Having literally gotten away with murder for a quarter century, the U.S. Supreme Court is getting wilder and wilder, deferring to “international law” and issuing nutty pronouncements more appropriate to a NAMBLA newsletter… In the past few years, federal courts have proclaimed a right to sodomy (not in the Constitution), a right to partial-birth abortion (not in the Constitution), a right not to have a Democratic governor recalled (not in the Constitution), a right not to gaze upon the Ten Commandments in an Alabama courthouse (not in the Constitution) and a ban on voluntary student prayer at high school football games (not in the Constitution)… At what point has the court made itself so ridiculous that Americans ignore it? What if the Supreme Court finds a constitutional right to cannibalism? How about fascism? Do Americans respond by passing a constitutional amendment clearly articulating that there is no right to cannibalism or fascism in the Constitution? There may be practical difficulties with the president and the states ignoring the court’s abortion rulings—though there’s nothing unlawful about following the Constitution—and I for one would love to see it.”   Pro-Family Activist Says Safe-Sex Myth Hurts AIDS Prevention Effort Knight calls the safe-sex approach a disaster, one that has expanded AIDS in Africa and wreaked havoc in America… the same-sex message is not only ineffective but downright dangerous. “The safe-sex message seems designed more to preserve the gains of the sexual revolution…”   Kyoto is Dead – Lorne Gunter “The Kyoto accord is dead, accept it… Even international super-environmentalist Maurice Strong, who will be a trusted adviser to incoming prime minister Paul Martin, maintained, ‘It is not the death blow. It cannot be the death blow.’ But it is… Putin let it be known (this past October) that he doubted the entire global warming theory. Then one Russian scientist after another, including the head of the Russian academy of science, explained his doubts about whether man-made emissions were causing the Earth to warm unnaturally or not. One Russian even accused his western colleagues of having become ‘scientifically correct,’ an apparent allusion to the political correctness that demands politicians, researchers and reporters ignore social facts which might undermine the prevailing liberal bias.”  Columnist Lorne Gunter in Friday’s Edmonton Journal (on line Saturday)  Federal Judge Denies Pro-Homosexual Groups Friend-of-Court Status in Michigan Suit   Maurice Strong’s Latest Prize Sends Science Downhill “If anything, Mr. Strong is among the world’s leading anti-scientists, people who bend science out of shape in order to appease their psychological/environmental demons and/or push left-wing political agendas. Indeed, he has never made any secret of his belief that the world just can’t wait for science. We need to act on his nightmares now. Or else…Mr. Strong was the intellectual fountainhead of one of the world’s greatest exercises in cooking the scientific books… Mr. Strong is founding CEO of Scary Scenarios ‘R Us. Just look at his autobiography, Where on Earth Are We Going? Mr. Strong lives in—or at least peddles—a permanent worst-case scenario. He not merely portrays Armageddon as around the corner unless we espouse some form of World Government, he suggests that Armageddon might not be such a bad thing. According to the book’s overheated ‘Report to the Shareholders, Earth Inc,’ for the year 2031, two-thirds of the world’s population might be wiped out, and a good thing too! Mr. Strong calls this projected environmental holocaust “a glimmer of hope for the future of our species and its potential for regeneration.”’   Abortionist’s Licence Suspended After Abandoning Patient after abortion   DaimlerChrysler to Sponsor Lingerie Show at Super Bowl   UN launches 10th anniversary of the International Year of the Family   Sen. Clinton, Ex-President Up for Grammys   PETA Campaign Has Virgin Mary cradling dead chicken   Statscan study on violence at home and children   Missionary: Decadent Western Lifestyles a Hurdle for Spreading Gospel in Middle East   Abercrombie & Fitch Sales Plummet