Australian Government Works to ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’  Multicultural Affairs Minister Gary Hardgrave says of Christian traditional Christmas, “We should get out there and flaunt it rather than having people retreat from it.”,4057,8028671%255E421,00.html   Christmas Returns to Schools?   Economy-Destroying Kyoto Protocol on ‘Global Warming’ Dies From Lack of Support   Pro-Family Leader Calls for World AIDS Day to Focus on Prevention Successes   Catholic Organization Heads to California Supreme Court to Fight For the Right to Stand by its Convictions.  Catholic Charities sued the Golden State because the organization was not exempted from new laws mandating all insurance policies cover contraceptives. Organization officials say they’ve been placed in the impossible position of having to choose between Church teachings and state law.   Encroaching Under-population Woes in Scotland Prompt Offers of $10K to Have a Child   Pope John Paul to see Mel Gibson Movie reports The Mirror   Mel Gibson, Feminist One of the truths in The Passion of Christ.   Citizen Columnist David Warren on Larry Spencer – A man ahead of his time “In my own experience, the lobbying and propagandizing for what its exponents call “gay rights” has been very impressive. It had to be, to succeed—for when the activists claim that our society was formerly “homophobic”, they are telling the truth. It took a tremendous amount of clever manoeuvring to cover the political distance of the last forty years—to move a huge chunk of society from an unthinking homophobia to an equally unthinking homophilia. To turn a moral objection into moral approval.”   Another view of the ‘Larry Spencer’ affair Is there actually a gay agenda? Emphatically, yes!  But don’t psychiatrists say homosexuality is normal? No, they don’t.  What has also been excluded from discussion is any consideration of the actual behaviors involved. It’s ironic that, if I were to describe them here, this essay would not be published by any newspaper.   Robert Latimer who killed his 12-year-old disabled daughter transferred to minimum security jail   Anglican Catholic Unity Talks Break Down over Homosexual Bishop and Homosexual Unions;?xml=/news/2003/12/01/nchur01.xml&sSheet=/portal/2003/12/01/ixportal.html   Free Condom machines to be as popular as water dispensers in Washington   Canada’s View on Social Issues Is Opening Rifts With the U.S.   Who Will Write the New Conservatives Party’s Platform?  Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson says “Early returns from the weekend’s delegate-selection meetings suggest that Progressive Conservatives across the country have emphatically endorsed the proposal to merge with the Canadian Alliance.”“Unfortunately, the new party’s inaugural policy conference is not scheduled to occur until after the election, which means its platform will have to be crafted exclusively by the leader and his advisers. The Conservative Party of Canada will have the most elite-driven agenda of any major party in the election campaign.”“During the leadership campaign, Stephen Harper, Jim Prentice, Peter MacKay and whoever else runs will have to spell out where they stand on the issues that currently divide the two parties. The winner’s platform will, in effect, become the party platform.”   Canadian Thought Police on the March – National Review Look at what’s happening in Canada. If we don’t watch out, we’re next.  Professor of constitutional law at the University of Western Ontario says, “Canada now is a totalitarian theocracy. I see this as a country ruled today by what I would describe as a secular state religion [of political correctness]. Anything that is regarded as heresy or blasphemy is not tolerated.”  A great deal more censorship in Canada seems inevitable. For example, British Columbia’s extremely broad hate-speech law prohibits the publication of any statement that “indicates” discrimination or that is “likely” to expose a person or group or class of persons to hatred or contempt. The Canadian thought police are on the march. Hopefully, it is not too late to stop them.   Canadian SARS quarantines were ‘Draconian,’ study says Now that authorities know that SARS is not easily spread among people, and methods for preventing transmission are better understood, the study argues, authorities should prepare different strategies, such as isolating people in their homes only once they begin showing symptoms.  Bagram GI: Troops Waited While Hillary Chowed Down   Gay Group Admits AIDS Culpability   Questions and Answers: What’s Wrong With Letting Same-Sex Couples “Marry?”   Conservatives Must Fight to Protect Marriage It’s not just liberals who need convincing that homosexual “marriage” is a problem. A few misguided conservatives are now proffering the argument that America should embrace same-sex “marriage” because the institution of marriage, no matter the gender of the partners, inherently makes people better and more stable. That may sound nice, but it is simply not true.