William Gairdner Posts 61 essays on line for public use The Canadian author of War Against the Family and other Canadian best sellers presents especially thought-provoking articles on a variety of issues including abortion, homosexuality, The stupidity of hate laws, Gender bashing, condoms, spanking, democracy and more.  Drudge Uncovers Hollywood Democrat “Hate Bush” Bash at Hilton   Film Defaming Ronald Reagan Aired on Showtime Saturday   Utah Polygamist Invokes Ruling on Gay Sex,0,7999530,print.story?coll=sns-ap-nationworld-headlines   Wording of amendment on homosexual ‘marriage’ problematic   U.S. Opponents of gay marriage divided   Quote of the month “…We would never expect a group of researchers to support a comprehensive ban on human cloning as we could never expect tobacco companies to support any comprehensive ban on smoking.”  Ambassador Anacleto Rei Lacanilao III of the Philippines to the Sixth Committee UN working group on human cloning.  Source: The Interim, November 2003   Critics Balk at Efforts to Place Internet in Global Grip,2933,104413,00.html   Abercrombie and Fitch stops selling porn.