Church, Clergy Doze While Secularists Take Over America “Today, most ministers feel that it is better to convey a positive image without condemning or judging social trends or sins in our communities. This lapse of strong public guidance and criticism among the clergy has resulted in many religious people being confused and mislead about many key moral issues in our day.”“Many Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant leaders continue to support political leaders that condone and even support the abortion business that eliminates over a million babies a year. These same religious leaders refuse to take the moral high ground and address this issue directly with the political leaders who are members of their own congregations.”   Planned Parenthood Sends out Condoms to 15,000 Canadian Households   Ontario Judge Defends Decision to Mandate Homosexual ‘Marriage’   Arkansas Attorney General Says ‘Choose Life’ Licence Plates are Unconstitutional   Fox rebuffs Mel’s ‘Passion’