Vietnamese Bishop Paul Tinh Nguyen Binh Tinh of Da Nang Has condemned allowance of in vitro fertilization (Based on Union of Catholic Asian News report VT4057, May 28)  Plea to Halt Abortionist Shooter Paul Hill’s September 3 Execution Rejected by Justices   Madison Wisconsin Catholic Bishop Leads Prayer Vigil Outside Abortuary   Dr. Dobson Goes to Alabama To Support Judge Moore Dr. James Dobson said the battle in Alabama is not about the Ten Commandments. “It is mostly about the appointed but un-elected and non-accountable, arrogant, imperious judiciary that is determined to shove their wishes down our throats,” the well-known pro-family leader said. “We need to go to the Congress and we need to absolutely demand that they rein in this court.”   Professor Asks: Why Not Achieve ‘Diversity’ by Hiring Conservative Teachers?   George Soros: The $10 Million Pro-Abort   Note to Arnold: If You Win the Governorship, Watch Terminator II Again Register_News/082403_3.htm