Supreme Court Will Not Block Removal of Ten Commandments Monument Supporters arrested, led away from monument today (Associated Press) – The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to block the removal of a Ten Commandments monument from Alabama’s judicial building. The justices rejected a last-minute appeal from Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who installed the monument two years ago in the building’s rotunda. The nation’s highest court says it will not be drawn—at least for now—into a dispute over whether the monument unconstitutionally promotes religion.   Minn. Library Settles Web Porn Suit Legal settlement in Minneapolis could have implications for libraries everywhere.  The Minneapolis library system has agreed to settle a lawsuit with 12 librarians over Internet pornography. The librarians had complained that by allowing patrons to “surf” online porn sites and print out Internet pornography, the library had created a hostile work environment. As part of the settlement, the library system will pay nearly $500,000 to the offended employees, and will increase penalties against Internet violators.   Author Says Day-Care Industry Promotes Lies About What Parents Want   Canadian PM Rules Out Referendum on Same-Sex Unions Dangerous to let majority dictate minority rights, says Chrétien   Convicted bigamist argues that the U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of sodomy should make having multiple wives legal, too.   Former Leader of Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Called Contender for Top ‘Gay’ Activist Job   Radical NEA Supports World Government Targeting Republicans in 2004 elections   Congresswoman Davis to Speak at Bisexual Conference Featuring Perverse ‘Workshops,’ Erotic Orgy   73 Homosexual Couples ‘Marry’ in British Columbia Since July 8 Court Decision   Just over 2 per cent of the 3000 June marriages in the province were between same-sex partners.   Church of Ireland Leaders Warn of Rift in Anglican Community over Election of Homosexual Bishop   Men assaulted janitor after pastor preached homosexuality sinful   Pro-Lifer Convicted of Harassment for “Staring” at Abortion Worker,1016578   Pro-Lifer Asks Wisconsin Supreme Court For Right To Enter Clinic To Protect Women From Harm Of Abortion In a petition filed last week with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, pro-lifer William Goodman is asking the state’s highest court to recognize the common law defense of “necessity,” which would give pro-life demonstrators the right to enter clinic property in order to prevent involuntary or coerced abortions.