Toronto Star columnist says Paul Martin “uncomfortable with same-sex marriage” Confirms that Stockwell Day defeated “not so much because of the policies he promoted but because they (left-leaning voters) assumed, based on his track record, that once in power he would force (read, “allow MPs free votes”) his personal moral beliefs on the Canadian public   The Women of Roe v. Wade – Mary Ann Glendon “the public has never really grasped how extreme the legal treatment of abortion is in the United States”   Congress Spends Billions on Bad Parental Substitute   The Moral Coherence of the Catholic Politician “American bishops are beginning to act again on the public stage. It makes for an interesting test of the damage done.”   Bush Rejects Calls to Legalize Gay Marriage But Mute on Social Dangers of Homosexuality   AIDS Activists Jeer Senior Bush Health Official The Bush administration’s second-ranking health official on Wednesday advocated making abstinence a key pillar of HIV prevention programs for young Americans;jsessionid=VRQ4OXZR43FBICRBAEKSFEY?type=healthNews&storyID=3190265   Gay Marriage (And Its Imitations) Can Be Stopped “not only are homosexual-rights extremists not gaining victory in Connecticut, they’re actually losing ground”. “Homosexual marriage and its imitations can be stopped. All it requires is a little elbow grease.”   Homosexual Advocacy Groups Admit 10% Fallacy   Promoting Homosexuality at the Expense of School Children   New Boston Archbishop O’Malley apologizes to abuse victims at installation Mass Says victims have done a service to the church in exposing the clergy sex abuse problem   Movies without gratuitous sex and violence! Available only in the U.S.