National Post Reports On Growing Pro-Life Political Power In U.S.  Unfortunately limits pro-life as meaning only ‘anti-abortion’ and does not acknowledge long struggle by movement to overcome intense media and institutional bias and discrimination.   Japanese Doctors Who Removed Wombs From Healthy Women Lose Appeal   Companies Unleash Websites To ‘delete Marriages’ – Divorce Online   Australian Researcher Paid $51,000 Public Funds For Thesis Contending Jesus Was Homosexual,5936,6510415%255E421,00.html   Posters Promoting Homosexuality Come Down In Poland After Catholic Church Protest   Small Town Cracks Down on Movie Gallery for Renting Porn   North Carolina Sexual Orientation Bill Dies in House Committee   L.A. Times Editor Decries Bias in Abortion Story   Local council defies Scouts’ ‘gay’ policy   CBS television thrusting ‘married gays’ on public