ANGELA BISSONNETTE STILL STRUGGLING On Sunday Angela’s dad, Joe, sent out a request for more prayers for Angela. Joe said “Today we received test results from Sick Kids and her counts have dropped dramatically. Her White Count is down from 2.5 to .9 and her Poly count has gone from .9 to .2. Doctors explained that there is always some drop off in the counts at this point as marrow production is no longer being artificially stimulated, but that Angela’s drop is more significant than usual. At the first sign of fever we are to get her back to the hospital. He did say that she probably wouldn’t develop a fever before Wednesday, when we are scheduled to go back in, and that her unassisted marrow production should kick in soon. It will be one year before the BMT can be called a success and she will be out of danger”. Please continue to pray for Angela and for all of our family.”  ORBITZ, POPULAR ONLINE TRAVEL SERVICE, PARTNERS WITH HOMOSEXUAL AGENCIES  MORNING AFTER PILL AVAILABLE FROM PHARMACISTS IN NEW ZEALAND AFTER JULY   FULL LIFE DYNAMICS SPECIAL REPORT ON CHILD PREDATORS NOW ONLINE   Exposing the partnership between Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation and men who sexually abuse underage girls. See the full website   ONTARIO’S EVES PAYS BACK $78,000 SEVERANCE Premier Ernie Eves startled Ontario legislators yesterday by reversing his previous firm stand on a contentious issue. The premier wrote a cheque for $78,007 to pay taxpayers back for his 2001 severance package and subsequent by-election expenses, Sun Media reports.  Canadian Press story (link usually valid for only one day), see: