DANA RECEIVED DEATH THREATS WHILE RUNNING IN IRISH GENERAL ELECTION Dana Scallon the famous pro-life singer-turned Member of the European Parliament has revealed that she received death threats during her candidacy in the recently completed Irish general election.  The threats seem related to her strong pro-life stand against the abortion referendum.   BREAST-FEEDING CUTS INFANT DEATH RISK, SWEDISH STUDY FINDS Mothers wanting to cut the risk of cot death should breast-feed their babies, Swedish researchers say today. Findings suggest babies breast-fed for four months or more were less likely to die from sudden infant death syndrome.   REPORT URGES BAN ON SECRET DNA TESTS Secret DNA testing to establish anything from a person’s infidelity to their likelihood of developing cancer should be banned, the British Government’s gene watchdog said yesterday. At present anyone could take something such as a coffee cup from a public figure, analyze the genetic trail left on it, and establish that person’s chances of developing, say, Alzheimer’s, according to the Human Genetics Commission. This sort of activity was a gross intrusion into someone’s privacy and had very serious implications, it said.