ALMOST HALF OF CANADIANS BELIEVE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT   “Forty-five per cent of Canadians believe the Chrétien government is corrupt, according to a new poll by Pollara Inc., the Liberal party’s own pollster,” reports the National Post today. “Of those 45%, the national polling firm found, 65% believe the corruption runs ‘right through’ the entire government while 30% believe it is ‘just around the edges’.”   FLYLADY.NET MEETS HUGE DEMAND FOR ORDER IN MODERN HOMES A relatively new website called is causing a revolution of order in North American homes. The description of the site says “FlyLady uses the Sidetracked Home Executive (SHE) system as a basis for organizing her home and her life. She adds humor, spunk, and a dose of common sense to her advice, but be prepared – FlyLady does not allow whining. You have to get off your “Franny”!  Pro-life and pro-family homes, often with lots of children and many activities have been especially responsive to the desperately needed help that Flylady provides. The free daily email with its helpful, targeted advice is now being sent to over 100,000 subscribers.  See