WHAT IS THE MIDDLE GROUND ON STEM CELL RESEARCH?  National Post columnist Andrew Coyne disputes the Liberal government’s claim that they have found the middle ground between the competing views on stem cell research.   ARCHBISHOP OPPOSES PUSH TO LEGALIZE ABORTION IN KENYA The push to decriminalize abortion resurfaced in Kenya last week and Kenya’s Catholic Archbishop Ndingi Mwana a’Nzeki responded by urging the country’s politicians not to legalise abortion, adding that if abortion is decriminalized, euthanasia will follow.   LIBERAL MP CONDEMNS GOVERNMENT FOR STALLING ON DIVORCE ACT REFORMS Liberal backbencher Roger Gallaway has again publicly condemned his own government for its failure to implement reforms to the divorce act. He and pro-family Senator Anne Cools have for years advocated for the replacement of adversarial feminist-driven legislation with a law that is more conciliatory and biased towards shared parenting and joint custody.{36105E44-889A-4B77-99C5-843C39752D23}  B.C. HOMOSEXUALS TRY FOR CANADA PENSION BENEFITS Homosexual couples appeared in a B.C. court yesterday in a case mirroring a similar one in Ontario designed to get access to CPP pension benefits for same-sex partnerships.