PART ONE OF WORLDNETDAILY’S KOPP REPORT TODAY Today is the first installment of WorldNetDaily’s investigative report of a possible conspiracy in the prosecution of James Kopp for the killing of abortionist Bernard Slepian.   INDIA EXPANDS BATTLE AGAINST SEX SELECTION INFANITICIDE India’s ongoing battle against sex selection infanticide has expanded, according to the Times of India. An article today reports that, “the scope of the law for checking tests which determine the sex of a foetus is being expanded to cover pre-conception sex selection techniques, being practised under the cover of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) techniques at centres almost all over the country.”   SURVEY REVEALS MAJORITY OF CANADIANS CONSIDER MEDIA SENSATIONALIST AND BIASED A new survey by Léger Marketing reveals that most Canadians consider the country’s media to be sensationalist and biased. The highest proportion of skeptics are in Alberta and British Columbia where 70% and 69% of respondents respectively said the news media are biased. Quebec has the most trusting audience with only 50% calling the media biased. Quebec, though, ranks highest among those who find the media sensationalist. TV news received the highest ranking for reliability at 40%. Thirty percent of respondents trust the printed page, 13% trust the radio and only nine percent consider the Internet as a reliable source of news.