BUSH ADMINISTRATION FIGHTS FOR LIFE AT UN CONFERENCE The Bush Administration is receiving high praises from pro-lifers at the UN for its resilience against pro-abortion and anti-family campaigners from other countries. The final preparatory meetings for the Special Session of the General Assembly on Children have been taking place this past week in New York. The Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute issued a statement today praising the work of the American delegation. “The US is doing a brilliant job,” says Peter Smith, the UN representative of International Right to Life.  PRESSURE MOUNTS FOR ABORTION-ON-DEMAND IN QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA Abortion is already accessible in Queensland under common law with the consent of a doctor. More than 15,000 resident women procured abortions last year. The Premier, Peter Beattie, however, opposes moves to change the law, as does opposition leader Mike Horan. Mr. Beattie defends his view saying, “There’s no need [for more liberal laws] because the figures clearly show women who want abortions can access them in consultation with their doctors.”,4057,4243817%255E3102,00.html   BRITISH PRO-LIFERS ANGRY OVER MEDIA COVERAGE OF EUTHANASIA Is the British media pro-euthanasia? UK pro-lifers condemn media coverage of recent euthanasia case.

HOMOSEXUALS IN THE MILITARY A new report has been published by former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy’s Liu Centre for the Study of Global Issues, which warns against Canadian subordination to American forces in a new Northern Command. Among the concerns expressed in the report are the different policies of the American and Canadian forces, specifically the more liberal Canadian stance when it comes to the treatment of open homosexuals. Axworthy fears the Canadian military will be forced to adopt the more restrictive US military policies towards homosexuals and more limited roles assigned to women in the military.