LIBERAL GOV’T SHUTS DOWN DEBATE ON ANTI-TERROR LEGISLATION Opposition MPs attacked the Liberal majority government Tuesday in the Commons for its use of closure to speed passage of a sweeping anti-terrorism bill. Liberal back-bencher, John McKay, has broken from Liberal ranks, criticizing the anti-terrorism bill as “a deal with the devil.” Peter MacKay, the Conservative House Leader, said debate on the anti-terrorism legislation is expected to end tomorrow when the bill will likely be passed by the House and sent to the Senate for final approval. “It’s completely perverse that exercising this type of power to limit debate on a bill that gives them more power is being perpetrated. You can’t help but wonder: Where is the outrage?”

GORBACHEV TO HEAD NEW RUSSIAN POLITICAL PARTY World Government guru and population control advocate Mikhail Gorbachev was elected the head of a new political party called the Social Democratic Party at a founding congress over the weekend. Among the congress guests was nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky. “Perhaps we have found in each other allies for the future,” Zhirinovsky told the gathering.

SOUTH AFRICAN DECRY RAMPANT BABY RAPE TOUTED AS CURE FOR AIDS Thousands of South Africans joined in a protest march against child rape in Cape Town yesterday. Patricia de Lille, a member of parliament for the Pan Africanist Congress, said the rapes of infant girls were almost certainly linked to the myth that sex with a virgin could cure AIDS. Some 21,000 cases of child rape were reported to police in the past year in South Africa.